Different Ideas Home Decor Paintings

Nov 20th

Home decor paintings – Are you looking for a way to give a different decoration to your home. There is no better way to do it than by decorating walls with paint? Currently there is a wide variety of techniques to decorate the walls using paint. But giving a touch of versatility that will make them look spectacular. If that is the idea, then you are in the right place. Because we are going to give you the best ideas for decorating walls with paint that you did not imagine existed. Redecorate your home with these great ideas to decorate the walls with paint, hands to work … The false stucco technique can be applied to any wall of the house. It is final aspect is like velvet, where you can appreciate two main effects, transparency and shade.

To achieve this effect, acrylic paint is required, you apply several layers of paint in different shades using a rag, to later blur with a brush. The technique of the sponge: This is another of the most use techniques for decorating walls with paint. It is very simple and leaves a very striking appearance on the walls. As it creates an original and attractive mottled-looking design, to achieve this effect two colors of paint are used, one above another. The color that will take care of the base, will have to be matte color. And for the one that goes above it is recommend a satin color, apply the base paint and let it dry perfectly, then use a damp and wrinkled cloth, it can also be a piece of newspaper. Even a kitchen sponge, with any of these elements you can apply the second coat with the satin paint.

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Go pressing slightly in some parts and in others do it with more force. This way you will achieve the desired effect. The hairstyle technique: This form of decoration of walls with home decor paintings is very used also. Because it is much simpler, you only need to use two different shades of paint, the first layer will be the base paint. And the use of roller or brush is fine to paint the wall. Then you will need a comb for painting. Also known as markers, choose the one you like the most. Returning to the application of the first layer, this must be wet to give the desired effect with the mariner, the effect results in stripes or design patterns that you have chosen in the purchase of the veteran.

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