Decorating an Oriental Decor Sun Room

Nov 20th

Oriental decor this is a very interesting project; there are so many things you can do to make your space-sun look not only beautiful but authentic oriental. Your first choice is between light and dark accented furniture, light, cream and gold and dark, black and gold, very different but each has plus points. If your taste lies in a black accent, the wall should be a neutral linen color so that the accent pieces stand out. Seating must be a rattan openwork design with oriental nuances and soft and luxurious pillows.

Most manufacturers will have a bright red that is striking while others even have oriental fabrics if you look hard enough. To cover all possible three-seat sofas, love chairs and chairs should be enough. Black Chinoiserie will be the right thing to accent in this room. Chinoiserie uses western-style furniture, especially French, decorated with Chinese art in gold with a touch of color. They are dramatic pieces and there are many to choose from. A harpsichord-style desk and chair is not only elegant but functional at the same time and if you have another wall that calls for something beautiful.

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A tall Chinoiserie bookcase and glass will be ideal. If you don’t have room for these two what about the Secretaire French Chinoiserie which is much smaller. But only as a functional or elegant multi-shelf computer outfit in an 18th century style. Inside there are open compartments and drawers for files, all computer equipment and cables hidden behind two large doors, no one will guess what it is and these days everyone has a computer needs to find a place. Put these things together with matching pedestal table bases or oval table lamps with chest or long drawers and tables, not western-style coffee tables.

To complement your oriental furniture, add silk pillows and matching neck pillows for seating and jade statues on the lamp table. Add to this elegant lamp or two in an oriental form (temple jars or ginger is very typical) and the room begins to form. A large Chinese rug will give you a feeling of comfort and a large green plant in the “fishbowl” of China on its elegant stand will make an angle out, actually more than one will be the best, but if it’s not possible to use a dense bundle of long twigs, you can have fun Have fun with this at Christmas and Easter by hanging seasonal decorations and Easter eggs on them.

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