Create the Most Elegant Rooms with Rose Gold Decor

Nov 21st

If you are a lover of rose gold decor, then you will love this note. Although it may sound risky, gold is what you want to be present in your house from this moment. Not to the point that your bedroom looks like the room of a Russian palace. But we assure you that you will like the ‘gold’ touch that has been going strong this season. With this color we can create the most elegant rooms, the best? That fits in any space of the house. In the bedroom, with a golden lamp that falls from the ceiling. In the living room, with a candelabra that adorns the main table. In the bathroom, with handles for the furniture … With what colors do you have to combine it? Unless you’re looking to create a Disney Princess space, avoid the pink stick.

If we mix it with fuchsia or orange, it creates a festive atmosphere. It also has to be avoid in a home decoration where calm and tranquility are sought. On the contrary, if we mix it with the purple one, we can create a more exotic style space. A carpet in purple tones and a decorative figure in gold are a successful combination. It can also be combine with black and white, creating sober and elegant spaces. You can choose to incorporate it in a more subtle way as in lamps and mirrors with a dark contrast. Adding rose gold decor to the table is another of the most sought after trends this season. In the cutlery, in the crockery and glassware, and even in the linens. Of course, do not combine everything together!

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The pink gold hooks will give your room a touch of feminine decoration and your clothes. Just paint them with spray, wait for them to dry and that’s it. The pink gold tubes are perfect for joining. And creating furniture bases or some other decoration element. Make tables, bases for pots and many other things. You can transform your table lamps. And paint them with pink gold spray. Just wait for them to dry and make sure they are made of metal or ceramic. You only need letters of wood and spray or diamond. You can find everything in craft stores such as Fantasías Miguel or in the center of the city. Do not spend on decoration accessories, better create your own and help the environment by recycling. Your house is ready for the glamor that the golden will bring.

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