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Nov 20th

An original way to decorate a wall of your living room or bedroom is through colored circle wall decor. There are thousands of ideas and materials to combine them. You can draw, paste, hang, everything depends on the decoration that you like the most. The simplest thing is to buy the template of a circle and draw it on the wall directly with a pencil of the color you want to give to the circles. In this way, you can add circles to complete the design you have imagined. Then you can paint the areas that you like most among the interwoven circles or within others, to your liking. The enamels synthetic or acrylic paints are the most resistant to apply the circles drawn. There is a very extensive catalog of colors in enamels. The next way is through vinyl. They stick on the wall combining them and ready.

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Remember the advice of the previous post, always on smooth surfaces, and more circles, because if it is not smooth, they will never be completely good. Another spectacular way to add large circle wall decor is hanging a series of concentric or interlaced rings, to give the size and shape that best matches the size of your wall and the decorative objects that accompany it. Simple hooks in some places will be enough to hold the structure you have invented. Even if you do not want to drill, if you use wire, can be glued with appropriate adhesives and that in the hardware store or commercial area you can acquire since it does not weigh too much. Depending on the color, the design may look “retro” or more modern.

You must be clear about what trend you want to transmit to your environment. Look at finished designs in photographs to guide you, but then give your personal touch, it will always be helpful to know that you are doing something “spatial” or if you are turning your wall into a hipy mural. Finally, there are also many papers stamp with circle wall art. They look great and you do not need the skill of the draftsman at all, just cut and paste. It is always necessary to add some element of curved lines. Some spherical body or a circular figure like the one we present today to avoid straight lines saturating us. Everything so structured and accurate can be somewhat boring and even overwhelmed by a visual image. So systematized that these adhesive circles are ideal to give a more original, and even more modern.

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