Choosing Barber Shop Decor

Nov 20th

Barber shop decor with some loose, subtle waves is a soft and romantic style. With the right texture techniques your hairdresser can give the hair volume and bounce that lasts all night long. For girls with long locks, highlight your length by adding playful layers in the back and on the sides, ending with a giant wave that makes them stand out. A down “do not require too much jewelry, because the hair acts as an accessory itself. Pair this style with a simple necklace and dangly earrings.


An up-do haircut can give you a more formal look, but keep in mind that not all up-dos must be retro barber shop decor of curly threads that frame the face. Elegant buns and horse sweaters are also popular styling choices among brides and the Prom crowd. Up-dos can be worn by themselves, or you can add an elegant stick, bask or flower to the look. Think of this hairstyle with strapless or ugly dresses, as it will show off your throat and shoulders. For jewelry, long earrings will help accentuate the neck. For a classic or more conservative look, combine this haircut with pearl earrings and a simple pearl necklace.

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Side styles

Many brides and the Prom crowd throw their hair aside for trendy barber shop decoration themes, such as side styles, buns or braids. Such styles can make your look turn from pretty to glamor-girl, especially when pairing with the right earrings and make-up. Moving styles — which actually take a big effort to achieve — are fashionable, yet formal enough for such events as weddings and proms. With this style, avoid adding too many disturbing accessories, such as flowers. The actual “ones will trigger enough attention. Keep trendy themes by merging a page style with an off-the-shoulder or shoulder-free dress. Jewelry you choose can make this hairstyle stronger or weaker. Brides and Prom crowds wanting a more glamor-girl look should wear multifaceted short necklaces. For a softer look,

Short Styles

If you have short hair, you still have many options for wearing it. For those gals with bumps, make an elegant look with a side sweeping over the forehead and hit a stick or a flower that matches your dress. If you have a pixie cut, you can keep stocking tama or let them go free. Either way, please adds an accessory. Even thin brow bands can make your hairstyle stick out. Many brides and prom audiences choose a half-up, half-down look. One way to make this look hotter is to add a lot of volume to the top front of the hair. Use the stylus to hold the hair in place, and allow the latch in the back to hang in large curls. This haircut fits well with strapless, ugly or off-the-shoulder dresses.

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