Choosing Anchor Decor for Wall Bedroom

Nov 23rd

Anchor decors have a very special and unique look – one can easily be recreated in your own home, whether you live on the beach or not. Calmness, relaxation and vacation should be the ideas that inhabit you as you step into a beach home. Through some basic home decor and color items, you can also create a beach home for your family and friends. It’s time to play in the sand.


Select a color that matches your anchor decor for bedroom: Beach home feels light and airy due to the subtle, soothing colors of the walls. Choose a bright, pale color that calms your breath. Pale yellow, blues and beige can be used in different rooms to promote the theme, but be careful not to overwhelm homes with too many colors. Stick to one color per room. Remember the lighter and paler color, the better. Then place your furniture. To keep up with the beach theme, your furniture should be comfortable and relaxed, in a light or white cotton fabric. Rattan furniture also works well.

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If you do not live on the beach, buy an old window on a flea market. Keep the tile paint look – the more dull the better. Hang the window on the wall, and if you like, you can hang an anchor decor hobby lobby scene or sunrise behind the window to create an illusion of being just meters from the ocean. Update old table frames by covering wood with linen fabrics. Either hang a special snake from the top of the frame, or glue it to the top to make it the beach holiday picture stands out from the rest.

Cover an old pillow with linen fabric. You can also use linen fabrics as a table skirt or cloth to continue the theme throughout the home. Each room may have a seashell as indicated on a centerpiece table. Take a snap using a shell in a clear vase or bowl. Line the bottom with sand and place the shell randomly on the sand. If you use a bowl, place a pillar of light in the middle to make a unique hub for your table. Place randomly additional beach-themed items on your walls and around your room, such as the dot.

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Tips and warnings

To add some unique touches to your beach cabin, paint a sign on a piece of old wood that says “Beach Home” or put your family’s name  on the sign. Other words may include: “What happens on the beach, stays on the beach” and “Life is a beach.” Create your own signs to save money and personalize the idea. Always remember to decorate in numbers about three. Never combine more than three items together; otherwise your look might be huge. Remember, less is always more.

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