Carved Wood Wall Decor Home Interior Panels

Nov 20th

The carved wood wall decor panels are a marvel of the woodwork. Coming from geographical areas that have traditionally worked in wood such as Thailand, Bali, China, Japan or Muslim countries, such as Morocco or Turkey, these wonders are the reflection of a culture and a tradition, based on the representation of nature and nature. The symbolism of their religions. To make these elaborate panels (square, round or rectangular), solid teak wood has generally been used. The complexity of these sizes, make them pieces of exclusive decoration, converted into an object of desire of lovers of interior decoration. These precious wood carvings can be use as wall decoration, in the same way, that a decorative painting or tapestry can. On a bench in the hall or placed on a console or chest of drawers.

His drawings, like mandalas, plow the piece of carved wood, with flowers, leaves that intersect and circles that frame each of the areas. These beautiful carved wood wall art panels are finished with natural waxes, pickled tones or white paint. To give a more homogeneous finish and combinable with any environment. Although the natural finish is more fresh and authentic. It has a lot of personalities and must be combined with furniture in similar shades. We love to see them combined in environments with a more marked character. For example, they are ideal in environments decorate with furniture and accessories of colonial style. Or in more bohemian airs, relaxing and eclectic, dominate by the mixture of styles and textures, bright fabrics, and intense colors. The gypsy and boho chic interiors are the ideal settings for these pieces of craftsmanship.

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The natural finishes also look great in environments decorated with accessories typical of the North African area. If we combine a carved panel, like the ones we show you, with furniture and accessories made of natural leather. Natural fabrics (linen, cotton or wool) and handcrafted bronze lamps or metal plates pierced and carved by hand, finished in silver, we will obtain some interiors rich in details and natural beauty. We also love to see them together with vintage furniture with an antique or antiquarian finish, slightly patinated in crude. As we have said before, these beautiful pieces carved wood panels for walls. Give an exotic feel to any environment in which they are use. En bloc or divide into three parts, as a triptych, these decorative panels can be use both indoors and outdoors. Such as the patio or the porch. Finished in white or ivory color.

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