Best Kitchen with Bear Decor

Nov 20th

Bear decor – You are likely to spend a great deal of time in your kitchen, be it for cooking, cleaning or entertaining. If you are fond of bears, you can decorate your kitchen using them as a theme to make the space comfortable, attractive and share a bit of your personality with everyone else that comes into your kitchen. Bear decoration could include images of rustic or warm black bears and fuzzy teddy bears. Painting the walls a neutral color that complements any adjoining room and serves as a background color for your bear decoration. Cream or light blue will work for teddy bears, while a warm yellowish-green or earth like color will probably work best for a black-bear theme. Add a border that includes images of bears or apply a stick on the small mural on a wall if you want something specific for your bear theme.

Hang a kitchen towel in a color that complements your theme or has bears in it on your oven handle or small kitchen towel hooks. Keeping one or two practical kitchen towels can contribute to your decor, as well as add to the function of your kitchen. Set up a few useful items on the counter that contribute to bear decoration. Keep a set of coffee cups with pictures of bears on the counter or hang them under cabinets so they are within reach. Select cookie jars, sugar and flour containers, paper towel racks and a timer that include images of the bears you like. Then if you cannot find any, make your own by sticking bear figures to friction elements or bear painting images using templates. Include a pair of bear figures, if you have them and they will not get in the way.

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Tie the theme together by hanging, draping and placing a carpet in front of the sink. These elements can include images of bears. Look for bathroom or bedroom decoration for children for curtains or bear carpets if you cannot find any made specifically for the kitchen. Add some simple accessories to pull the kitchen together. Magnets or a small notebook and a pen with bears that will complete your themed bear kitchen. Bear screen plaques above the cabinets or on an off the road counter. And then for tips and warnings nice and best kitchen with bear decor. And avoid adding so many bear trinkets that do not have any space on the left counter.

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