Best Ideas with Sports Decor

Nov 21st

Sports decor – Whether you’re a fan of a local sports team or sports in general, sport-themed decor brings sportsmanship inside for the days you’re not watching or participating in an event itself. Show your collections of memorabilia in a cave or environment, paint walls with the colors of your favorite team, and create your own area rugs based on your favorite places. The walls offer a large fabric space to show off your favorite sports equipment or activities. Paint an accent wall in green British racing along with a vertical stripe in black and white checkered as a tribute to the competition, or go to color the helmet of a favorite football team, along with a stripe or logo to match, for the focal wall in a bedroom, study or a man cave.

Cover the entire floor with a rug or carpet or even a painted design copied from your preferred type of sports decor field for a bold look. For example, light or dark green carpets or a large area rug serves as the background for a football or painted soccer field. Use white cloth paints to paint the appropriate lines on a playing field using painter’s tape to block the borders while you paint. For a basketball court, use a light brown carpet or apply the paint directly to a wooden floor to create the playing field. If you are trying to paint the floor, use painter’s tape instead of color. If left in place for a while, you can leave a gummy residue, but the residue can be removed with a citrus cleaner. For a more subdued floor accent, paint round rugs to look like your favorite sport ball.

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Textile treatments for sports decor, souvenir memorabilia, such as bedding, curtains or even hand towels offers a colorful way to spice up any room with a team-themed decor. Create your own themed textiles by painting or patterned designs on quilts, curtains and pillowcases based on your favorite sport. For example, paint a giant silhouette of a skater on a quilt using a homemade template cut out of contact paper. Paste the contact paper template into the quilt. Next, apply a light coat of fabric paint inside the area of ​​the template. Use regular craft stamps and paint the fabric to create a border around sporty sheets, covers or the bottoms of the curtains. Whip up your own pillows by wrapping and sewing sports shirts of your favorite teams around pillow shapes or pillows that are not necessary.

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