Best Firefighter Decor Ideas

Nov 20th

Firefighter decor is a popular choice on Halloween, birthday parties, and many other occasions. They come in various colors and designs. One interesting touch is wearing a historic firefighter costume. What did firefighters use in the early days? Although there was not much information from the colonial era, it might be safe to assume that the choice of firefighters’ clothing was far more limited than it is today. They have no rubber, synthetic fibers, or oxygen tanks.

And only after the 1600s did inventors begin to develop modern firefighting equipment. Very early firefighters may wear ordinary clothes and fight the fire from the outside because they have no protection from heat and smoke. So if you want the costume of a colonial firefighter, it only looks like an ordinary person from the 1600s. Maybe bring a bucket. A more satisfying approach is to adopt the uniform mid-1800s. In the 1730s, Jacobus Turck, who ran New York City oil well trucks, created fire helmets – wide-brimmed leather helmets with high crowns.

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About a century later, Henry T. Gratacap developed a more modern version. This is a leather dome, reinforced for added strength and protection, with edges that sweep back to the long tail and protruding shield on the front. The new design provides additional protection for firefighters. With safer firefighter costumes, they can fight indoors and out. To swing this look, use a helmet that is rather familiar but still old-fashioned.

For the rest of your 1800 firefighter costume, consider wool for total authenticity. Its weight and breathability make it a good initial choice that offers protection in both hot and cold places. The firefighter at that time was wearing a long coat that had a stiff collar. They also wear leather boots, and their clothes under the trench coats are usually red. Facial hair for men is mostly bearded. Sometimes they will soak it in water and breathe through them whenever there is thick smoke. This is a step that you might want to consider if your costume party is a bit slow.

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There is no beard but you still want a historically appropriate breathing apparatus? Then, arrange several canvas bags with rubber, stick to each other, and stick on your back. Hold them with a belt and shoulder strap. Now it’s time to attach the rubber hose to the airbag and connect it to the funnel. Use bellows to fill the bag. To fully imitate the firefighter’s costume at that time, add a leather hood, glasses, whistle and nose clip, and congratulations.

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