Best Ceiling Hanging Decor Ideas

Nov 20th

Ceiling hanging decor have a notch in them, usually in the form of a rectangle. This architectural feature creates an elegant appearance in a house. Tray ceilings are popular in restaurants and formal living rooms, as well as in large master bedrooms. They usually have a lamp or a fan that hangs from the center. Tray ceilings can be left alone, but the decor adds a touch of style to any room. Crown molding gives a tray roof an even more dramatic look. First paint the ceiling, and then choose sparkling white or a rich, dark brown color for molding the crown. Place a play medallion around your pendant lamp, if you have one.

In fact, consider changing out a standard light installation for something unusual that will draw attention to your tray ceiling. This can be anything from a modern lamp to an old bird cage modified to contain the lights. Stretch ceiling hanging decors is made of a thin layer of PVC, which is stretched across the bare roof. They are ideal for rooms and ceilings, since they can be mounted on strange shapes and existing architectural elements around. False ceilings are quicker to install than drywall, but they give a professional look to a room. They are available in a variety of colors and finishes, so it is possible to match your ceiling to the look of the room.

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Bare ceiling hanging decor can work in certain configurations. Older houses often have lovely wooden beams that it is best to leave exposed to cover it. These can be simply varnished in a spot or painted to fit the decoration of your home. In newer homes, it is usually best to cover bare ceilings, but in some cases, such as in a basement, you may want to opt for the unfinished look, if you are concerned about the costs and not using the area as a I live space.

Plywood roofs can be used when a simple, quick to install roof is in order. Plywood will offer protection against additional noise compared to an unfinished roof. A plywood roof can be installed by screwing plywood into the roof rafters. The plywood can be left as it is or give a coat of paint if the room is purely utilitarian. If you are going to decorate the room, a plywood roof can be covered in tile. Another popular aspect for roofing the tray is to install the roof tiles. Most home improvement centers sell ceiling tile panels in almost every color, from silver to copper to plain white.

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