Beautiful Starfish Decor Ideas

Nov 21st

Starfish decor – Starfish are a beautiful reminder of the months of heat spent on the beach. You can find real starfish that are dried to decorate with or artificial starfish that looks like the real thing. There are many varieties of starfish that you can find to add a delicate appearance to any decoration. Here are some simple ideas on how you can decorate with starfish and bring a small reminder of the beach in your home. If you have collected some real starfish that you want to hang on your walls. There are several methods you can use to accomplish this task. Depending on your decorating goals. You can create some traditional art media that starfish use, as well as some works that are decidedly more decorative in scope.

Sketch out your ideas starfish decor on the role of solving the placement and composition problems that may arise before you start gluing your starfish on the canvas. It will also help determine what part of the visual information we are going to paint on. Obtain an artist’s canvas. Look for a large canvas at least 18 by 24 inches if you want to recreate a large bottom of ocean piece. Or buy several small ones to create a series of portraits of starfish. Paint the bottom of the painting of the starfish. Include visual elements, such as yellow sand and blue water streams. The oil or acrylic paints that works best for this. Allow the piece to dry according to the instructions of the paint tubes. Stick the starfish to the canvas with a hot glue gun, and allow the glue to cool.

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Go to the craft store and buy the shadowbox kits. Make sure that the equipment you buy has compartments that are large enough to fit your best starfish decor. Collect materials such as postcards from the beach, fishing net cloths you have found reached the coast, sand vials from your favorite beaches or family photos of you on the beach collecting starfish. Remove the protective glass from the shadowbox. Place items such as postcards, photos of the fishing net inside so that they rest against the back wall of the shadowbox. Stick them with a little glue. These provide a backdrop for the starfish. Position the starfish in front of these elements, and place the smaller items at the foot of the starfish. Return to place the protective glass and hang on the wall. Select some mirrors that have wide, wooden frames around them.

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