Beautiful Medieval Decor And History, Read On!

Nov 20th

The medieval decor is one of the most beautiful styles that have existed in history. And that most nourish families. It is through the medieval style that great names were engraved in history; besides being engraved in stone. Even in spite of the years, the character of the decoration is still appreciated not only in the houses. But in the streets of many European countries, being Spain a clear example of it. Today, we want to give you a brief review of the keys of this decoration. And, although it is an ambitious project (we know it). We also want to share with you the steps to follow to transfer all the magic. And character of the medieval decoration to your home in a truly organic formula.

If you want to feel that you live in a castle and want to teach your offspring the importance of your family name and lineage. So this article is what you need to establish a good foundation. First of all, keep in mind that medieval decor is associate with something old, that is. A medieval house is not new due to the nature of the materials. But we can achieve a good aging effect. And an authentic appearance using the right colors together with the right decorative accessories. Starting with the color palette, keep in mind that we will not only use these colors that we will name here. But we will apply aging techniques to different points of the environments, complementing everything with the accessories. Of course, as you surely should include in the entire decoration of your home a family coat.

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You could also consider those colors use in the shield to expand the character of the family throughout the house. All the medieval decor houses were of two floors. The first floor was destined for the kitchen. And, due to how things used to be. It also serve as the plant for the work shop. While the second floor was for the rooms. Nowadays, the lower floor can be used much better for other activities. But if your house is of one floor; then maybe you want to consider another concept of decoration different from the medieval one. Another detail that could always be seen was the shape of the door frames, windows; and some large structures like the beds. The upper part of these frames were in the form of arches and pointed in the main or important doors.

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