Beautiful and Charming Angel Wings Decor

Nov 21st

Do you want your son to look super tender and delicate as an angel? Then follow these simple steps to achieve beautiful and charming angel wings decor. To achieve super angelic wings you will need: a glue gun, white glue, scissors, a pencil and a marker, white felt, paper, many coffee filters. And a cardboard according to size you want your wings. Also get a pair of beautiful ribbons and some jewelry accessories to embellish your work. First thing you should do is draw shape of a wing on cardboard. Then cut it out and use it as a mold for next one. This time it leaves a square of about 2 cm in center to be able to join them. Cut everything and fold square in half. Put glue and join it with other section, so you will get shape of a pair of wings.

Once you have your pair of wings ready, put it on a piece of paper and trace its shape leaving approximately 1cm apart. You must cover one of faces with glue and then place paper. Add a little stick on other end of angel wings décor. And cover edges with remaining centimeter, this way you will reinforce cardboard. After having your wings well reinforced it is time to cover everything. Take coffee filters and fold them from center outwards. Then you must stick them one by one over wings. Do it from bottom up trying to cover everything very well. And using same angle. Leave a one-inch gap between one layer and another to completely overlap. It is possible that at level that you approach edges and top becomes a little more complex. Do it with patience or take a small break, but be meticulous.

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Fold uppermost layer up so that it looks plentiful. And fills all sparse areas with coffee filters. When making other wing make sure to invert angle of filters. It will give a more real look. Keep in mind that back area will not be most showy of wings but still it is very possible that it will be able to be observe in some occasions. Take a little white felt and cover entire back area of angel wings décor. So you will give a great finish. Then tie a ribbon around center of wings. And form an arc to be able to hang them around whatever you want. Surely your wings will look beautiful after finish, but will you settle? Add some colorful ribbons and small pieces of jewelry in union of wings. This way they will look beautiful and give them a fabulous personal touch.

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