Awesome Ideas Star Wars Wall Decor

Nov 21st

Star wars wall decor – A star wars themed room is the ultimate sanctuary for fans of the classic saga. Choose characters or star wars scenes from the movie series as the main feature of the room. Base the budget of decorating character products, bedding or special effects ideas to bring the theme of the live movie. Include a child or teenager in the initial planning for a bedroom that is based on their favorite game of movies or star wars characters. Paint the best walls a color from a favorite movie scene or location. Black, green, brown or white with silver reflections add several films definition of colors for a star wars bedroom. Rejuvenate used furniture or buy new pieces in complementary colors.

Pamper with the bedroom occupant star wars with Lucas film license bedding. Replace a black, white, brown or silver comforter if the thematic material is difficult to locate. Hang star wars wall decor posters, wall borders or stickers in the room. Modern accessories not yet themed, such as cubed storage and a black and silver alarm clock, will complement the theme. Paint a star wars mural on one of the walls of the room or hire an artist to complete the project. Create a mural solar system on the roof or in the form of a dimensional mobile. Buy sheets of thin metal in a hardware store. Give a black or white office a star wars effect by attaching the metal to the front of the drawers to create a spaceship appearance.

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Star wars is one of the best movies of all time, and star wars wall decor lego is one of the best toys of all time, which made combining the two a couple made in heaven for children. Children who like it so much now can find video games that detail star wars movies, acted as lego figures and in lego block environments. Lego toy sets let you recreate your favorite scenes from the movies. While you will not find real lego star wars bedroom linens. You will find enough accessories and products that can be combined for effective themed decor. Paint the walls with black paint, which serves as a canvas for your decoration. Opt for satin if you want the walls to look glossy or matte to choose a less glossy tone. Use white and gray paint to create stars and comets in the ceiling.

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