Attractive Ideas Old Window Decor

Nov 20th

Old window decor – What happens with the old windows when there is no alternative but to replace them? Do not be afraid, rickety frames and panels can still serve a larger purpose. With a little creativity, the artists and craftsmen that we will show next have create new applications for these old windows. It’s easy to make yourself with a little bit of paint and some tools. Welcome to the world of up cycling, use your inventiveness. And reuse the old windows. Windows can serve both decorative and practical functions. Like the false window in the wall with a beautiful flowerpot fill with flowers. Or a visual divider that stops the garden of the garden. You can do this by placing the windows (of equal heights) and joining them with a 2 “x 4” ribbon at the top and bottom. Hang ornamental crystals and beads in the openings.

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You can also reuse the window as a renovated trellis for climbing plants and roses, a brightly color decoration to hang next to a birdhouse, with a shelf over for pots. Add hooks and gardening tools, hang gloves and favorite wide-brimmed hat. In short, the limit is only in our imagination. There is a story behind each of these windows. The window with the panel of 12 flore is a DIY project with pieces of glass, tiles and other materials. It turn out to be a wonderful art experiment. And if you’re not in the painting, photographs are a simple solution. Print the photos of the size of each panel and attach them with adhesive tape to the back and ready Instant decorative window .

Divide a room or an outdoor patio with windows.  It is good to have a division and still be able to see in the next space. They are joined together, the windows with chains or wood can also be place on foot. With the old window decor attractive pieces of furniture can be made for each room of the house. Giving an elegant and practical touch to the decoration. Decorators and designers are always looking for “windows of opportunity”. Surely now I have something more competition. Because after seeing these photos many will encourage us to use old windows for furniture and decoration of our homes. Large or small, the varieties of greenhouses are as infinite as the assortment of windows. They can be use for the roof, the walls and even the door of the greenhouses. And our plants will never be better than in one of these greenhouses!

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