A Seascape above Bed Decor

Nov 20th

When it’s time to rest at night, the break comes much easier in the soft and beautiful lounge above bed decor. The seascape bedroom will provide comfort, sound and the illusion of rocking waves that gently puts a person into deep sleep. It takes so little to create the beauty of the sea coast in your chosen bedroom. First, remove everything from the room and disconnect the color of the walls and floor. The floor must be very brightly colored. White with only a little blue or brown will give a feeling of sand and waves. Use tiles, good floor paint, light wood or even very light colors, light carpets to cover the floor. When decorations begin to form, add carpet to the floor to add color.

The walls will be perfect in a very bright blue with one main wall in a bright blue sea. Paint the ceiling with the same blue light as the wall. Use a sponge smeared with light blue paint and white paint to create soft clouds of about three to five feet on the ceiling. Don’t make white stand out. Your room is ready to add furniture decorations and sea views. There are several themes to choose from, but for this article, you will use the old seaside holiday cabin style. Most color themes will be blue and white with a touch of another color.

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Above bed decor, modern ones must have wooden heads. It will be placed on a dark blue wall. Use a long and low cupboard with three drawers on each side. Don’t crush the wood, just leave the impression. Paint white with light blue stripes. Add a night standing on each side of the bed painted in the same style. Cover the bed with a blue and white blanket. Use a pillowcase to match the blanket. Add four small pillows for decoration. Two bright red and two dark blue, the bed is finished.

Hang a seascape on the wall along the side of the bed. Group fishnets and shells on each side. On the bed hung brass bells and brass candle holders. Use blue candles on the holder for romantic effects. This is the decoration of the sea floor bedrooms. Add small effects and find for the next few months according to your taste. Use white curtains, lace curtains or white windows for privacy. Flowers, all-size shells, swimsuits and sun hats will all add to the personal style of your own bedroom.

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